About Us

FAUN is a coalition of New Jersey/New York-based animal/earth liberation activists who are bound by the twin objectives of exposing and working against the perpetrators of overt & clandestine animal exploitation wherever they are operating in our geographic sphere.

We are firmly united in our commitment to publicizing animal-use industries’ profit-driven lies and illusions, as well as engaging in the practical, street-level action so essential to bringing about the local (and ultimately universal) abolition of retrograde, dark-age practices that systematically exploit and destroy countless nonhuman sentient beings, and the Earth itself.

We employ our energies/resources in tactile, visible ways such as public demonstrations, marches, educational outreach and leafleting, to elevate public consciousness about the myriad, ugly, half-shrouded faces of modern animal slavery. We fight to cast light on, encourage public opposition to and ultimately bring down the smug, shadowy, monolithic industries which are responsible for the systematic, irreversible rape/destruction of Mother Earth, her delicately balanced ecosystems, and of course, the billions of beautiful, wondrous sentient beings with whom we share this biosphere.

Above and beyond our own initiatives, we promote and actively participate in the initiatives and engagements of  allied groups and individual activists in our region who share our ideological/practical objectives of promoting veganism and a universal, unconditional moratorium on all forms of animal slavery.

Everyone in the animal liberation movement who understands the breathtaking scale and severity of animal slavery, and the complex/culturally embedded nature of animal/earth exploitation systems, knows that ours is a colossal task. History reveals that moral progress/evolution is a slow, arduous, uphill battle. A conscientious, illuminated, compassionate world which unilaterally rejects all forms of animal objectification/commodification, which considers the inherent worth/natural rights of ALL sentient beings, simply will not happen overnight! It will be brought about by a persistent, disciplined, measured, unified effort by local activists collaborating toward universal, movement-wide objectives, as well as operating in their local environment, i.e., campaigning in response to specific, local conditions and problems.

We don’t pretend to have all the answers. FAUN is an egalitarian thought pool by design, welcoming the insights, ideas, and intel which will aid us in amping up the struggle in the NY/NJ area with maximum efficacy and end-result impact. We are highly adaptive and mobile, willing/prepared to adjust our approach/materials as appropriate, to speak up and act on behalf of animals anywhere in our region, in any context that we can make a practical, tactile difference.

Fur and leather mafias, factory farm gestapos, fraudulent vivisectors, cowardly hunters, emotionally/mentally stunted butchers, abominable circus thugs, vile animal breeding mills – our nausea, our aversion to ALL of you is unilateral and absolute.

We are bringing the battle for Mother Earth and her defenseless denizens to your doorstep, to the very gates of the posh, palatial mausoleums you have built torturing and extinguishing innumerable innocents, where you have lined your pockets with suffering, blood and entrails, where you have salivated over your helpless, dying quarry, where the lingering screams of terror and unspeakable suffering will echo long after you and your evil works have been reduced to a shameful, negligible blight on recorded history.

FAUN understands that Animal Liberation WILL NOT advance unless we shake off the safe, ineffectual, ego-balming platform of coffeehouse veganism, unless we unify ourselves in solemn, sober commitment to our purpose, unless we convert our movement from a collection of self-flattering, armchair theories into a dynamic, pragmatic, effective set of practices.

Please keep in mind that FAUN is not looking to add vacant, meaningless numbers to our list of friends and compatriots. Token gestures and cordial votes of confidence do not (and never will) help animals or advance animal/earth liberation. Our paramount objective is to have a resounding, meaningful impact for animals and their habitats – what we need are caring, compassionate, noble people to stand alongside us out there, where it matters.

Because they are suffering now.

If you are not serious about jumping in with us and taking the animal liberation struggle to the streets of NJ/NY, please be advised that this is NOT the group for you!

For those who have had enough and want to get involved, please feel free to contact us.

GENERAL DISCLAIMER: Neither FAUN nor any of its members advocate, promote, or encourage the commission of illegal or violent acts.