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Brown Packing Co., Inc.

Address: 116 Willis St. Gaffney, SC 29340
Establishment No.: m1085

USDA Inspection Report: 30 Sep 2011

Code: 01801
Violation: 416.2(b)(1)

Citation: At 05:52 while performing pre op procedures in pack off area, across from the rain room the following non compliance was observed. The top of the container that's used for storing dry ice was identified with a crack surface. The cracked surface was approximately 1inch in length. Ice from this container is placed into boxes of edible product such as; livers,ox tails, cheek meat & tripe.Due to broken sharp edge identified on dry ice container, this could have adulterated product. [redacted] was notified and shown non compliance. U.S Reject tag 832 038842 was applied to the container [redacted] notified maintenance, the container was removed from production area. This document serves as written notification that your establishment failed to comply with FSIS regulatory requirement cited above.


416.2(b)(1) Construction. (1) Establishment buildings, including their structures, rooms, and compartments must be of sound construction, be kept in good repair, and be of sufficient size to allow for processing, handling, and storage of product in a manner that does not result in product adulteration or the creation of insanitary conditions.

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