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USA Pork Packers Inc

Address: 328 South Wyoming St, Hazelton, PA 18201
Establishment No.: m20760

USDA Inspection Report: 12 Jun 2012

Code: 01C02
Violation: 416.2(b)(4), 416.4(d)

Citation: On Tuesday June 12,2012 approximately at 1615 hours while performing the task Operational SSOP review and observe, While I was doing my disposition in the disposition cage, I saw the employee kicking an empty inedible barrel with his foot strongly and due to that the barrel hit two hanged roasters in the middle cooler which made them adulterated, Although, the employee knows such kicking of the inedible barrel will cause adulteration of the hanged carcasses, because they were very close to him, but he finaly did and then he continued working without doing any corrective action to the adulterated carcasses. kill floor supervisor and the employee attended my discussion with the employee and he admitted that he kicked the inedible barrel towards the hanged carcasses which made them adulterated. I affixed my retain tag # B43736041 on the adulterated 2 roasters and informed QC Personnel with the non compliance.The establishment is not in compliance with 9 CFR 416.2(b)(4), 416.4(d), 416.1 and 416.15(b).This NR is linked to a previous NR # YKM0207032530N/1 dated 3/30/2012. previous corrective measures were unsuccessful to prevent the recurrence of the non compliance..


416.2(b)(4) Rooms or compartments in which edible product is processed, handled, or stored must be separate and distinct from rooms or compartments in which inedible product is processed, handled, or stored, to the extent necessary to prevent product adulteration and the creation of insanitary conditions.

416.4(d) Product must be protected from adulteration during processing, handling, storage, loading, and unloading at and during transportation from official establishments.


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