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USA Pork Packers Inc

Address: 328 South Wyoming St, Hazelton, PA 18201
Establishment No.: m20760

USDA Inspection Report: 11 Mar 2011

Code: 04B04
Violation: 316.13, 316.6

Citation: On March 11, 2011 at approximately 1025 hours I observed the following noncompliance: Several buckets of cooked blood were being loaded into a truck without bearing the establishment label with the mark of inspection. According to the plant employee these labels were going to be applied once the product was on the truck. I took immediate regulatory control action and had the plant employees unload the buckets of blood and apply the labels on each bucket in my presence. Once every bucket of blood had a label I allowed the plant employees to load the buckets of blood into the truck. [redacted] Jr., plant manager, was informed of this noncompliance. The establishment is not in compliance with 9 CFR 316.6, which states in part: " Products shall not be removed from official establishment unless marked in accordance with regulations" and 9 CFR 316.13, which states in part: " when any inspected and passed product for domestic commerce is moved from an official establishment the outside container shall bear an official inspection legend".


316.13(b) When any product prepared in an official establishment for domestic commerce has been inspected and passed and is enclosed in a cloth or other wrapping, such wrapping shall bear the official inspection legend and official establishment number applied by the approved 21⁄2-inch rubber brand in the form prescribed in part 312 of this subchapter: Provided, That the rubber brand may be omitted if the official inspection legend and official establishment number on the product itself are clearly legible through the wrapping or the wrapping is labeled in accordance with part 317 of this subchapter: Provided further, That plain unprinted wrappings, such as stockinettes, cheesecloth, paper, and crinkled paper bags, for properly marked products, which are used solely to protect the product against soiling or excessive drying during transportation or storage, need not bear the official inspection legend.

316.6 No person shall remove or cause to be removed from an official establishment any products which the regulations in this subchapter require to be marked in any way unless they are clearly and legibly marked in compliance with such regulations.


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