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USA Pork Packers Inc

Address: 328 South Wyoming St, Hazelton, PA 18201
Establishment No.: m20760

USDA Inspection Report: 19 Oct 2010

Code: 03J02
Violation: 417.4(a)(2)(ii)

Citation: At approximately 1130, while performing an 03J02 procedure, I reviewed the HACCP Form 007 which is the PPA concentration log monitoring CCP 2B in the HACCP Pork Slaughter Plan. During the week of October 11-15, no verification procedure was performed for the CCP. The establishment's HACCP plan, states that [redacted] QC [redacted] was notified of this noncompliance. The establishment is in violation of 417.4(a)(2)ii which states, in part, "ongoing verification activities such as direct observation of monitoring activities and corrective actions" will be performed.


417.4(a)(2)(ii) Ongoing verification activities. Ongoing verification activities include, but are not limited to: Direct observations of monitoring activities and corrective actions


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