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USA Pork Packers Inc

Address: 328 South Wyoming St, Hazelton, PA 18201
Establishment No.: m20760

USDA Inspection Report: 11 Aug 2010

Code: 05A02
Violation: 310.25(a)

Citation: On 11 August 2010, at approximately 1500 hrs, whilst performing a scheduled ISP procedure code 05A02, I reviewed the establishment's "Pork Carcass Generic E. coli Report", this being report # 100806-USA001, dated 8/6/2010. This report demonstrates that the establishment sampled several days during July, the last sample during the month of July having been taken on 27 July. The establishment next sampled on 02 August. No sample was taken between 27 July and 02 August; however, 750 hogs were slaughtered on 28 July, 563 on 29 July, and 1,010 on 30 July. During this time interval, a sum total of 2,323 swine were slaughtered with no generic E. coli sampling being performed by the establishment. Mr [redacted] Jr, was notified of the noncompliance by approximately 1520 hrs. The establishment is not in compliance with the following regulation: 9 CFR 310.25(a)(2)(iii), which states, in part, the following: "Sampling frequency. Slaughter establishments...must take samples at a frequency proportional to the volume of production at the following rates: (A) ...Swine: 1 test per 1,000 carcasses, but a minimum of one sample during each week of operation."


310.25(a)(2)(iii) Criteria for verifying process control; E. coli testing. Sampling requirements. Sampling frequency. Slaughter establishments, except very low volume establishments as defined in paragraph (a)(2)(v) of this section, must take samples at a frequency proportional to the volume of production at the following rates:


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