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Twin Pine Farm

Address: 5940 Twin Pine Ln, Seven Valleys, PA 17360
Establishment No.: m09814

USDA Inspection Report: 21 Mar 2012

Code: 03A04
Violation: 416.16(a)

Citation: While reviewing the SRM records for the slaughter for the week of 3/14/12, i observed that the plant had no entries for the for this day. I went and met with Mr. [redacted] the plant owner and person in charge of slaughter record at the establishment. Mr. [redacted] stated that he had forgot to mark the entries for that week of slaughter. I told Mr. [redacted] that i would document an NR for this Non- compliance.


416.16(a) Each official establishment shall maintain daily records sufficient to document the implementation and monitoring of the Sanitation SOPís and any corrective actions taken. The establishment employee(s) specified in the Sanitation SOPís as being responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the procedure(s) specified in the Sanitation SOPís shall authenticate these records with his or her initials and the date.


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