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Twin Pine Farm

Address: 5940 Twin Pine Ln, Seven Valleys, PA 17360
Establishment No.: m09814

USDA Inspection Report: 18 Aug 2010

Code: 04C02
Violation: 313.1

Citation: This NR is a Category IV - Handling During Ante mortem Inspection:1 "Examining livestock pens, floors, driveways, etc. to be sure they are maintained in good repair" (9 CFR 313.1); At approximately 0815 while reviewing the plants humane slaughter procedures with Dr. [redacted] and Dr. [redacted] the following deficiency was found. The cage used to transport hogs from the barn to the ramp at the establishment where animals enter had several defects. Several of the horizontal rods that make up the sides of the cage were broken from the frame of the cage at one end of the rods. The rods were bent out so the probability of injury to the hogs was minimal. To the right of the gate of the cage some plywood was attached to the inside of the cage. This wood had so rough edges on it. No regulatory control action was taken since the hogs were no longer in the cage and the cage was taken over to the shop for immediate repair.


313.1(d) Livestock pens and driveways shall be so arranged that sharp corners and direction reversal of driven animals are minimized.


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