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Bucher Meats

Address: 391 Tillertown Rd, Biglerville, PA 17307
Establishment No.: m09492

USDA Inspection Report: 24 Jun 2010

Code: 04B04
Violation: 316.16

Citation: While walking through the carcass cooler at 1100 I observed a beef carcass with no custom or USDA identification on it, touching an inspected swine carcass. There was also about 15 pans of scrapple on a retail identified shelf. This product had visible mold on it. While I was in the cooler, owner Jake Bucher came in and threw this product away. On another shelf was about 20 pans of scrapple and they had no identification on them. While I was in the cooler I informed Jake that the carcasses were touching and asked if the beef was custom, he said yes and stamped it not for sale. I wrote tags for the unidentified pans of scrapple (B21737969) and for the carcasses touching(B21737970). When I went in the cooler to apply these tags, the deficiencies were corrected. This does not comply with CFR regulation 316.16.


316.16 Carcasses and parts therefrom that are prepared on a custom basis under § 303.1(a)(2) of this subchapter shall be marked at the time of preparation with the term ‘‘Not for Sale’’ in letters at least three-eighths inch in height, except that such products need not be so marked if in immediate containers properly labeled in accordance with the regulations in § 317.16 of this subchapter. Ink used for marking such products must comply with the requirements of § 316.5.


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