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Kiryas Joel Meat Market

Address: 7 Dinev Ct, Monroe, NY 10950
Establishment No.: p31727

USDA Inspection Report: 22 Dec 2010

Code: 03C02
Violation: 417.2(a)(1), 417.5(a)(1)

Citation: December 22, 2010 15:25 hours The following observations were made by [redacted] Food Safety and Inspection Service Evaluation, Investigation, and Analysis Officer (EIAO), while performing a Food Safety Assessment of this facility's process: "The establishment has identified [redacted]" This decision is not supported with documentation on file, non-compliant with 9CFR 417.5(a)(1). The hazard analysis does not identify the known physical food safety hazard of metal fragments or bone chips associated with the production of this product, non-compliant with 9 CFR 417.2(a)." This document serves as written notification that failure to comply with regulatory requirements may result in additional regulatory and/or administrative action(s).


417.2(a)(1) Hazard analysis. Every official establishment shall conduct, or have conducted for it, a hazard analysis to determine the food safety hazards reasonably likely to occur in the production process and identify the preventive measures the establishment can apply to control those hazards. The hazard analysis shall include food safety hazards that can occur before, during, and after entry into the establishment. A food safety hazard that is reasonably likely to occur is one for which a prudent establishment would establish controls because it historically has occurred, or because there is a reasonable possibility that it will occur in the particular type of product being processed, in the absence of those controls.

417.5(a)(1) The written hazard analysis prescribed in 417.2(a) of this part, including all supporting documentation


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