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Kiryas Joel Meat Market

Address: 7 Dinev Ct, Monroe, NY 10950
Establishment No.: p31727

USDA Inspection Report: 5 Sep 2010

Code: 03J01
Violation: 417.2(a)(2), 417.2(c)(4)

Citation: September 5, 2010 09:50 hours While performing an operational inspection procedure at the hang-back line in the evisceration department , the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) Inspector-In-Charge, [redacted] observed employees reintroducing chicken carcasses from the reprocessing station onto the principal production line without first removing the crops. On page 2 of this establishment's HACCP plan, the flow chart clearly states [redacted]. This is a failure to comply with the United States Code of Federal Regulations, Title 9, Chapter III, Sections 417.2(a)(2) and 417.2(c)(4). Mr. [redacted] was promptly informed of the noncompliances verbally. A HACCP plan is a written document containing, among other things, a description of a product's process. For the facts that HACCP plans are submitted for review and approved by FSIS administrators interested in protecting public health and that the assignment of Federal inspection personnel is based on their faithful execution, it is important for a plant to ensure that what occurs on its production floor is an accurate reflection of the contents of its HACCP plan. This document serves as written notification that failure to comply with regulatory requirements may result in additional regulatory and/or administrative action(s).


417.2(a)(2) A flow chart describing the steps of each process and product flow in the establishment shall be prepared, and the intended use or consumers of the finished product shall be identified.

417.2(c)(4) List the procedures, and the frequency with which those procedures will be performed, that will be used to monitor each of the critical control points to ensure compliance with the critical limits


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