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Kiryas Joel Meat Market

Address: 7 Dinev Ct, Monroe, NY 10950
Establishment No.: p31727

USDA Inspection Report: 30 Aug 2010

Code: 03J01
Violation: 381.66(b)

Citation: August 30, 2010 11:35 hours While performing an operational inspection procedure in the hallway between the tray pack and small salting rooms, Food Safety and Inspection Service Inspector-In-Charge, [redacted] observed New York-dressed (NYD) chickens slaughtered yesterday, 08/29, being removed from a white combo-tote and packed into waxed cardboard cases. The combo-tote was so full of chicken that it appeared doubtful that these carcasses could have reached their initial chilling requirement of [redacted] for these four to five-pound carcasses (Critical Control Point 3a)--particularly for the fact they were uneviscerated. Using Mr. [redacted] thermometer, Inspector [redacted] took the internal temperature of two birds from the center of the combo-tote. Both carcasses registered 50F. Activities in the evisceration department finished at 18:00 hours yesterday, 17 hours previously. The establishment was unable to provide documentation that these carcasses had achieved their initial chilling requirement. Inspector [redacted] rejected the combo-tote and retained its contents by affixing FSIS Form 6502-1 #B39133090. This constitutes a failure to comply with the United States Code of Federal Regulations, Title 9, Chapter III, Section 381.66(b). Mr. [redacted] was informed of the noncompliance verbally promptly. Federal regulatory chilling requirements are intended to reduce the potential outgrowth of any spoilage and/or pathogenic microorganisms that may be present on raw poultry products. This document serves as written notification that failure to comply with regulatory requirements may result in additional regulatory and/or administrative action(s).


381.66(b)(1) General chilling requirements, except for ratites. All poultry that is slaughtered and eviscerated in the official establishment shall be chilled immediately after processing so that the internal temperature is reduced to 40 F. or less, as provided in paragraph (b)(2) of this section unless such poultry is to be frozen or cooked immediately at the official establishment. Eviscerated poultry to be shipped from the establishment in packaged form shall be maintained at 40 F. or less, except that during further processing and packaging operations, the internal temperature may rise to a maximum of 55 F.: Provided, That immediately after packaging, the poultry is placed under refrigeration at a temperature that will promptly lower the internal temperature of the product to 40 F. or less, or the poultry is placed in a freezer. Poultry which is to be held at the plant in packaged form in excess of 24 hours shall be held in a room at a temperature of 36 F. or less.


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