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La Belle Farm Inc.

Address: 504 Stanton Corner Rd, Ferndale, NY 12734
Establishment No.: p19150

USDA Inspection Report: 12 Apr 2012

Code: 01C01
Violation: 416.13(c)

Citation: On April 12 2012, At approximately 0945 hours,observed the following non-compliance
while performing the review and observation,and recordkeeping,verification activities
of a schedule routine Operational SSOP Record review and review and observation
throughout establishment facilities,I noted in the cooler
An open can of soda <Dr.Pepper> half full in a box with no exposed product around
along the south side wall beside the Entrance/Exit Door to the Dock area.
The establishment SSOP Plan signed and dated 2/2/10 page 2 ,section II.Operational Sanitation,
Sub-section B.Processing Operations ,part 1.Sanitary procedures for processing states:
f : [redacted]
This is a failure for the Plant to follow and monitor their SSOP requirements and federal regulatory requirement 9CFR416.13(c) which states:Plant monitors implementation of SSOP procedure and
9CFR416.1 which states:Operate in a manner to prevent insanitary conditions.

Mr. [redacted] Plant Supervisor immediately notified verbally and in writing of the non-compliance.
This document serves as written notification that failure to comply with regulatory requirements
Could result in additional regulatory or administrative action(s).


416.13(c) Each official establishment shall monitor daily the implementation of the procedures in the Sanitation SOPís.


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