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La Belle Farm Inc.

Address: 504 Stanton Corner Rd, Ferndale, NY 12734
Establishment No.: p19150

USDA Inspection Report: 11 Aug 2011

Code: 01B02
Violation: 416.13(c)

Citation: At 0705 hours on 08/11/2011 the plant stated they were ready for pre-op. While conducting pre-operational sanitation I observed the following noncompliance; in the kill room is two pluckers. The second plucker consists of two sets of yellow multiple rubber fingers that rotate to remove the feathers. Feathers, blood and debris were found on the fingers from the previous shift. Located inside the edges of the frame to the plucker was a thick brown colored build up of debris. The electric cord to this unit is plugged into an outlet, covered with several layers of clear tape, that has begun to turn green with mildew. Two crates used to catch feathers from the pluckers were completely soiled inside and out, with a build up of debris from previous shifts. There is a small and a large steel blood trough (tunnel), here I observed on the inside of the troughs, feathers, blood and debris located at many places throughout the length of the troughs. On the outside bottom of both troughs I observed a thick and at places slimy debris, brownish green in color. This debris was as wide as the trough and the complete length of both them from the previous shifts. A three tiered metal table to the left of the large blood trough had dried blood, feathers and debris. It also had used knife blades, paper and an empty water bottle from the previous shift. Also located on this table was a white Clorox bottle, cut in half, used to remove blood. This item still had blood in it, with baby flies on it, to numerous to count. The cart to the left of the final wash also had debris, blood and feathers. This is a violation of 9 CFR 416.11, 416.13(c); [redacted] QA Technician and [redacted] HACCP Coordinator were notified of the noncompliance's. The units were rewashed, sanitized, reinspected and released by USDA at 0805. This unit was found to be acceptable during the establishments Pre-op on 08/11/2011. Past Similar NRs - Previous Ineffective Plant Actions: NR: 24-2011 dated 8/9/2011


416.13(c) Each official establishment shall monitor daily the implementation of the procedures in the Sanitation SOPís.


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