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USDA Inspection Report: 8 Jun 2012

Code: 04B03
Violation: 442.3

Citation: On June 8, 2012, I began a Labeling – Net Weights review and observation and recordkeeping verification in the processing area. Having ascertained that the establishment does not have User Manuals for the scales currently in use, I asked QA personnel on the processing floor, at that time, how scales were maintained for accuracy. Each QA team member on the floor reported that they did not know anything about the scales’ calibration procedure. On June 11, I went to the processing floor to observe the scales being set up and programmed for the day’s production. I asked the assistant supervisor who, how, and when the scales are calibrated. He told me no one calibrates the scales. At this time, I noticed that the scale table was placed inside a wax-coated “ice box” and that as a product box was placed on the scale table, the product box was held slightly off the scale by the sides of the wax-coated “ice box”. I notified [redacted] Second Processing Manager, that placing the scale table inside the other box compromised the accuracy of the scale and that this is a violation of 9CFR 442.3(a). Mr. [redacted] immediately cleared the scale area so no interference with accurate weights remained. At that time, I asked Mr. [redacted] who, how, and when the scales were maintained for accuracy. He informed me that [redacted] IT Director, calibrates each scale every morning before they are put into production for use. I asked him to see the scale levels, and he told me there are no levels and for that reason the scales are calibrated each morning.

I then went to [redacted] to ask her who, how, and when the scales are calibrated. She confirmed that [redacted] calibrates the scales every morning prior to production. I told her I had been in the processing area during setup and saw only production workers, scale operators setting up the scales. I asked her if there was a scale calibration log kept by the establishment. She said there was and she would bring it to me in the USDA office. Later that day, [redacted] came to the USDA office with a Calibration Log that had been completed for the date in question. For one of the scales, a notation was made that the scale had to be fixed. There was no indication that the scale was taken out of production; and, when asked, [redacted] could not recall what scale needed to be fixed; or where the scale was in the processing area at the present time. This is a noncompliance of 9CFR 442.3(c).

On June 12, 2012, this morning, in an attempt to meet and speak to Mr. [redacted] about the calibration log and calibration methods used, I waited in the processing area for the scales to be calibrated. Again, establishment employees began setting up, removing plastic, connecting cords, and placing scales into production without the appearance of anyone to calibrate any scale in the area. I was told that Mr. [redacted] was not in the plant and that he would be some time in getting there, but that he would bring me the calibration log to the USDA office. Mr. [redacted] is the only employee at this establishment allowed to calibrate scales. The establishment has failed to follow its procedures in assuring that scales are maintained and/or operated in a manner that ensures accurate weights. This is evidenced by the failure to calibrate at established daily, pre-operational frequency. This is a noncompliance with 9


442.3(c) No scale will be used at a federally inspected establishment to determine the net weight of meat or poultry products unless it has been found upon test and inspection, as specified in NIST Handbook 44 to provide accurate weight. If a scale is inspected or tested and found to be inaccurate, or if any repairs, adjustments, or replacements are made to a scale, it shall not be used until it has been reinspected and retested by a USDA official, or a State or local government weights and measures official, or a State registered or licensed scale repair firm or person, and it must meet all accuracy requirements as specified in NIST Handbook 44. If a USDA inspector has put a ’’Retain’’ tag on a scale, the tag can only be removed by a USDA inspector. As long as the tag is on the scale, it shall not be used.


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