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Address: 5190 Main St, South Fallsburg, NY 12779
Establishment No.: p18414

USDA Inspection Report: 8 Jun 2012

Code: 04B04
Violation: 317.2(k), 381.125(b)

Citation: On June 11, 2012, during a routine General Labeling review and observation and recordkeeping verification, I discovered the [redacted], Halal Poultry Whole Chicken label in use by the establishment had a nonconformance in that letter size of the Safe Handling Instructions block is less than 1/32 inch. [redacted] was notified that Safe Handling Instruction lettering must be no less than 1/16 inch in size. This is a noncompliance with 9CFR 381.125(b)(1)(i) and 317.2(k)(1)(i). USDA Retain tag B39416908 was affixed to the Establishment's remaining supply of those labels. Mr. [redacted] stated that no product displaying this label remained in the facility, nor did I find any in the cooler or in the freezer.
This document serves as written notification that your failure to comply with regulatory requirement(s) could result in additional regulatory or administrative action.


317.2(k) Packaged products which require special handling to maintain their wholesome condition shall have prominently displayed on the principal display panel of the label the statement: ‘‘Keep Refrigerated,’’ ‘‘Keep Frozen,’’ ‘‘Perishable Keep Under Refrigeration,’’ or such similar statement as the Administrator may approve in specific cases. Products that are distributed frozen during distribution and thawed prior to or during display for sale at retail shall bear the statement on the shipping container: ‘‘Keep Frozen.’’ The consumer-size containers for such products shall bear the statement ‘‘Previously Handled Frozen for Your Protection, Refreeze or Keep Refrigerated.’’ For all perishable canned products the statement shall be shown in upper case letters one-fourth inch in height for containers having a net weight of 3 pounds or less, and for containers having a net weight over 3 pounds, the statement shall be in upper case letters at least one-half inch in height.

381.125(b) Safe handling instructions shall be provided for all poultry products not processed in accordance with the provisions of § 381.150(a) or that have not undergone other processing that would render them ready-to-eat, except as exempted under paragraph (b)(4) of this section.


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