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Address: 5190 Main St, South Fallsburg, NY 12779
Establishment No.: p18414

USDA Inspection Report: 24 Jan 2011

Code: 06D01
Violation:  416.1, 416.2(h)(1)

Citation: At approximately 1500 hrs, after the establishments afternoon break I inspected the bathrooms and the following non-compliance was observed. Bathroom stall # 2 in the men's bathroom had a piece of brown material resembling human feces stuck on the wall approximately 1 to 2 inches long. Stall #5 had brown smears on the inside of the door. 3 small black garbage containers were found with toilet tissue soiled with brown substance overflowing on to the floor in stalls #1, 3, 4. Men's bathroom was rejected and tag #19929049 was applied. QC Evisceration manager and Processing manager were immediately informed of the non-compliance. Upon re-inspecting the bathroom 3 black garbage containers were found with brown dried up material inside of them. Garbage cans were removed for cleaning. These insanitary conditions are in violation of 9CFR 416.1 and 416.2(h)


416.1 Each official establishment must be operated and maintained in a manner sufficient to prevent the creation of insanitary conditions and to ensure that product is not adulterated.

416.2(h)(1) Dressing rooms, toilet rooms, and urinals must be sufficient in number, ample in size, conveniently located, and maintained in a sanitary condition and in good repair at all times to ensure cleanliness of all persons handling any product. They must be separate from the rooms and compartments in which products are processed, stored, or handled.


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