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USDA Inspection Report: 27 Dec 2010

Code: 03J01
Violation:  381.65(e)

Citation: At approximately 1000 hrs while conducting an 03J01 Zero Tolerance for visible fecal material at CCP-1A, one of the ten randomly selected chickens coming out of the final rinse station and prior to entering chiller was found with a round shaped piece of fecal material attached to the kidney crypt. The contamination was green in color and pasty. QC was present at the time of the finding. The last acceptable check was at 0950 hrs. Corrective actions were immediately implemented, line speed reduced from [redacted] BPM to [redacted] BPM. While corrective actions were being implemented the line speed was raised to [redacted] BPM by unknown employee before the deviation was identified and eliminated and the CCP was not yet under control. HACCP slaughter plan sign and dated 10/5/10 page 32 under corrective action column states "[redacted]." 417.3 was not met. This is in violation of 9CFR 381.65(e). An 03J02 procedure was performed.


381.65(e) Poultry carcasses contaminated with visible fecal material shall be prevented from entering the chilling tank.


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