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USDA Inspection Report: 1 Sep 2010

Code: 03C02
Violation:  381.66(c)(3)

Citation: At approximately 1230 hrs while performing a scheduled 03C02 the following non-compliance was observed. 2 gray vats of previously chilled whole chickens in the chiller area were observed with a small amount of ice on the top center of one vat and no ice on the second vat. Accompanied by QC staff members and I began to take the temperature of the chickens in the vats with a calibrated thermometer. The temperatures reached 50 degrees in both vats. There was no QC hold tag or any type of marking to inform anyone that the product was retained by QC or management. The 2 vats of product were retained and tag #'s B40954001 and B40954067 were applied. This is in violation of 9 CFR 381.66(c)(3). This serves as written notification that your failure to comply with regulatory requirements could lead to additional regulatory or administrative action.


381.66(c)(3) Previously chilled poultry carcasses and major portions must be maintained constantly at 40 F or below until removed from the vats or tanks for immediate packaging. Such products may be removed from the vats or tanks prior to being cooled to 40 F or below, for freezing or cooling in the official establishment. Such products must not be packed until after they have been chilled to 40 F or below, except when the packaging will be followed immediately by freezing at the official establishment.


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