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Address: 5190 Main St, South Fallsburg, NY 12779
Establishment No.: p18414

USDA Inspection Report: 12 Aug 2010

Code: 06D01
Violation:  416.1, 416.2(e)(4), 416.4(d)

Citation: At approximately 1950 hours while performing a scheduled 06D01 procedure task of the establishments Facilities I observed the following; water dripping from the drain line and drip pan of the overhead refrigeration unit directly onto the tops of shipping containers containing chicken product in plastic CO2 bags stored directly below the unit and water spraying/ squirting on the ceiling edge and surface of the roll-up door creating beaded and dripping water above and directly onto employee/ product traffic areas in front of Bay #4 in the Loading Dock. An approximate 18' X 12' area in front of Bay #4 rejected with US Rejected tag#B40954050. The establishment had taken actions initially to reject the area but at the time of observance failed to maintain control as the establishments control action was destroyed and sanitary conditions were not restored during the use of the area. This is a failure to meet 9CFR 416.1; 9CFR 416.2(e)(4) and 9CFR 416.4(d). QC Technician, verbally notified immediately of the non-compliance. This document serves as written notification that your failure to comply with regulatory requirement(s) could result in additional regulatory or administrative action. Past Similar NRs - Previous Ineffective Plant Actions: Roofing contractor was contacted to make repairs to potential primary outer roof leak entry point. NR: 62-2010 dated 7/15/2010


416.1 Each official establishment must be operated and maintained in a manner sufficient to prevent the creation of insanitary conditions and to ensure that product is not adulterated.

416.2(e)(4) Provide adequate floor drainage in all areas where floors are subject to flooding-type cleaning or where normal operations release or discharge water or other liquid waste on the floor

416.4(d) Product must be protected from adulteration during processing, handling, storage, loading, and unloading at and during transportation from official establishments.


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