Putting Glass Walls on New York's Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Cudlin's Market

Address: 8 Cox Rd – RD 2, Newfield, NY 14867
Establishment No.: M4528

USDA Inspection Report: 14 Mar 2012

Code: 03J02
Violation:  417.4(a)(2)(i)

Citation: While performing a slaughter HACCP records review task on 3/15/12 at approximately 1000 hours I noticed a noncompliance with the record keeping: there are no records that document the calibration of process monitoring instruments (in line thermometer) on the slaughter floor, this is CCP#1(CCP#1 is also the CCP for [redacted]). I brought this to Mr. attention and he stated that it had been a while since he had calibrated this thermometer and recorded the results and has no records stating the last time this was conducted. On 2/22/12 during the slaughter process I monitored CCP#1 with my new thermometer and the temperature met and was greater the critical limit and coincided with the in line thermometer that is used for CCP#1.While further reviewing the HACCP plan and prerequisite program on 3/16/12 I also noticed that it does not state the frequency in which the calibration of the process monitoring instruments is to be conducted, however Mr. does have records showing that he calibrates his other process monitoring instruments monthly.


417.4(a)(2)(i) Ongoing verification activities. Ongoing verification activities include, but are not limited to: The calibration of process-monitoring instruments;


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