Putting Glass Walls on New York's Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Tri-Town Packing

Address: 922 Country Rt 53, Brasher Falls, NY, 13613
Establishment No.: m4499

USDA Inspection Report: 11 Jan 2012

Code: 01C01
Violation:  416.12(b)

Citation: While Reviewing the Pre-Operational/ operational Records for the previous month, the following Noncompliance was found. The Dates for the week of 12/19-12/23 were not filled in for the Pre-op/Operational sanitation checklist for the Processing Room.The Previous weeks dates were completed and the following weeks dates had been completed. This is a noncompliance with 9CFR 416.12(b). Mr. was informed of this noncompliance.


416.12(b) The Sanitation SOP’s shall be signed and dated by the individual with overall authority on-site or a higher level official of the establishment. This signature shall signify that the establishment will implement the Sanitation SOP’s as specified and will maintain the Sanitation SOP’s in accordance with the requirements of this part. The Sanitation SOP’s shall be signed and dated upon initially implementing the Sanitation SOP’s and upon any modification to the Sanitation SOP’s.


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