Putting Glass Walls on New York's Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Tri-Town Packing

Address: 922 Country Rt 53, Brasher Falls, NY, 13613
Establishment No.: m4499

USDA Inspection Report: 12 Oct 2011

Code: 03F01
Violation: 417.4(a)(2)(ii)

Citation: While performing a scheduled Records review of the Shelf stable production the following noncompliance was noted with EIAO [redacted] During the week of 09/26/11-10/03/11, [redacted] batches of Beef sticks were produced( 09/26/11;10/03/11) the Direct observation and Record review was not documented on the Weekly verification log for CCP B4 Fermentation. The Cooking wheel was available for review and the Fermentation was completed verifying that product produced was safe. During the week of 10/03/11-10/07/11 the product beef jerky was produced on 10/07/11, the records revealed that performed the monitoring and direct observation of this product, in essence he directly observed himself. These are noncompliance's with 9CFR 417.4(a)(2)(ii) which states " Direct observations of monitoring activities and corrective actions; and (iii) The review of records generated and maintained in accordance with 417.5(a)(3) of this part. was notified of these noncompliance's and informed that further failure to document direct observation and record review can result in regulatory control actions.


417.4(a)(2)(ii) Direct observations of monitoring activities and corrective actions;


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