Putting Glass Walls on New York's Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Donald H. Cloy and Son

Address: 3130 Ridge Rd, Ransomville, NY 14131
Establishment No.: m4355

USDA Inspection Reports: 9 Nov 2011

Code: 04C02
Violation: 313.1, 313.2

Citation: HATS Category III: Water availability and Feed Availability On 11/09/2011 at approximately 0820 hours while performing a DVMS humane handling assessment I observed that the pigs in two holding pens did not have access to water.   There were water tubs in each pen but the tubs were empty of water.  IIC stated the pigs had water when she performed antemortem inspection approximately 10 minutes earlier.  The pigs in the pens did not appear to be dehydrated and were bright, alert, and responsive.    This fails to meet the regulatory requirements prescribed in 9 CFR 313.2(e) which requires water to be available to livestock at all time.  Plant owner, Jim Mest was verbally notified of the noncompliance and was informed a noncompliance record would be written.  Immediate action was taken by Sanitation Foreman,  to fill the water tubs.  9 CFR 313.1 Livestock pens, driveways and ramps On 11/09/2011 at approximately 0850 hours while performing a DVMS humane handling assessment I observed the following noncompliance.  The bottom of the lower metal panel of front wall in the knockbox had rolled away from the wall.  The bottom edge of this metal panel was protruding into the front of the knock box.  No animals were present in the knock box at the time the noncompliance was found.  This fails to meet the regulatory requirement prescribed in 9 CFR 313.1 which requires pens to be free from protruding sharp metal of any kind.  Plant owner Jim Mest was verbally notified of the noncompliance and and was informed a noncompliance record would be written.  The knockbox was rejected with tag #B28351961.  Sanitation foreman and Plant owner Jim Mest then repaired the protruding metal sheet by affixing a wooden plywood sheet to the front lower wall of the knock box.  Reject tag #B28351961 was then removed at approximately 0920 hours and knock box was released for slaughter.      


313.1 (a) Livestock pens, driveways and ramps shall be maintained in good repair. They shall be free from sharp or protruding objects which may, in the opinion of the inspector, cause injury or pain to the animals. Loose boards, splintered or broken planking, and unnecessary openings where the head, feet, or legs of an animal may be injured shall be repaired.

313.2 (e) Animals shall have access to water in all holding pens and, if held longer than 24 hours, access to feed. There shall be sufficient room in the holding pen for animals held overnight to lie down.


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