Putting Glass Walls on New York's Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Joe Pagliuso & Bros., Inc., New York

Address: 6845 N. Slocum Rd, Ontario, NY 14519
Establishment No.: m4253

USDA Inspection Report: 31 Mar 2011

Code: 03C02
Violation: 417.2(c)(4)

Citation: At approximately 1400 hrs I observed the following non-compliance. In the processing room there were 2 grey totes with product that were left in the room since they stopped processing at approximately 1130 hrs. The room is not currently being refrigerated and after I noticed that the product was still out of the coolers and not being monitored or being processed any further I proceeded to verify that the products temperature had been kept in compliance and under the plants established critical limits. One grey tote that was halfway full of beef fat trim that is to be used in ground beef was 51 degrees Fahrenheit. The other grey tote held a single kidney from a bovine that also had a temperature of 51 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature of the processing room was 51 degrees Fahrenheit. While the main portions of the animal were packaged beginning at 1045 hrs, the product temperature recorded by the establishment was 39 degrees Fahrenheit. I then proceeded to tag both the kidney and the grey tote of beef fat trim using U.S. Reject tags NO. B39878918 and B39878919. I informed plant employee of the non-compliance and he proceeded to place the beef fat trim in the freezer and the beef kidney into the cooler. This document serves as notice of non-compliance within Federal Regulation 9 CFR 417.2(c)(4).


417.2(c)(4) List the procedures, and the frequency with which those procedures will be performed, that will be used to monitor each of the critical control points to ensure compliance with the critical limits;


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