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Northwest Premium Meats, LLC

Address: 137 N Happy Valley Rd, Nampa, ID 83687
Establishment No.: m11032

USDA Inspection Report: 14 Dec 2011

Code: 03H02
Violation: 417.2(a)(1)

Citation: On 12/13/2011 at approximately 1:00 pm [redacted] was reviewing the Hazard Analysis and Flow Chart for the Heat Treated Not Fully Cooked Not Shelf Stable HACCP Plan. This establishment has not identified allergens in the HA for Step 3-Transfer to Cutting Table, Step 4-Sizing and Slicing: Band Saw, and Step 5-Sizing and Slicing: Slicer. Step 1-Receiving of Heat Treated Not Fully Cooked Not Shelf Stable product, allergens have been identified and Step 6-Packaging and labeling, allergens have been identified.This establishment receives Heat Treated Not Fully Cooked Not Shelf Stable product, (Cured Whole Hams, Ham Hocks and Bacon) from another establishment and slices and packages the product. Based on a review of the product ingredients for the cured product it contains, Hydrolyzed Soy, Wheat Gluten Protein and Hydrolyzed Soy Protein. A review of the Processing Operational Sanitation for processing # 2) states that [redacted] The Processing Operational Sanitation does not address the sanitation/clean up of work surfaces, machines, tools or any other contact area that the Heat Treated Not Fully Cooked Not Shelf f Stable Product may come in contact with prior to the processing of any other product. CCP 03- [redacted] degrees (F). It has been determined that no product was affected due to this non-compliance. [redacted] was notified of the non-compliance. No similar non-compliances have been issued within the past 90 days.


417.2(a)(1) Hazard analysis. Every official establishment shall conduct, or have conducted for it, a hazard analysis to determine the food safety hazards reasonably likely to occur in the production process and identify the preventive measures the establishment can apply to control those hazards. The hazard analysis shall include food safety hazards that can occur before, during, and after entry into the establishment. A food safety hazard that is reasonably likely to occur is one for which a prudent establishment would establish controls because it historically has occurred, or because there is a reasonable possibility that it will occur in the particular type of product being processed, in the absence of those controls.

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