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Northwest Premium Meats, LLC

Address: 137 N Happy Valley Rd, Nampa, ID 83687
Establishment No.: m11032

USDA Inspection Report: 13 Dec 2011

Code: 03C02
Violation: 417.5(b)

Citation: On 12/13/2011 [redacted] was reviewing the records for Raw in-tact product for the production day of 12/08/2011. Upon reviewing the monitoring log for CCP 03 [redacted] CSI observed that the time for the pm monitoring of CCP 03 cooler storage had not been recorded. There was no deviation of the critical limit for CCP 03 [redacted]. The recorded temperature for the Holding Cooler was [redacted] degrees (F) and the Drip Cooler was [redacted] degrees (F). The Critical limit for this CCP is less than or equal to [redacted] degrees (F). The Pre-shipment Review for this production day 12/08/2011 was conducted on 12/09/2011 and a Records Review was conducted for the CCP 03 [redacted] on 12/09/2011 at 9:45 am and documented down at the bottom of the CCP monitoring log. There was no documentation recorded anywhere on the production records for 12/08/2011 that showed that the time had not been recorded on the CCP monitoring log for the "pm" check or that it was found during the pre-shipment review or the records review. [redacted] was notified that a time had not been recorded for this CCP monitoring check. CCP 03 [redacted] - Critical limit is less then or equal to [redacted] degrees (F). [redacted] It is determined that no product was affected as a result of this non-compliance. No similar non-compliances have been issued within the past 90 days.


417.5(b) Each entry on a record maintained under the HACCP plan shall be made at the time the specific event occurs and include the date and time recorded, and shall be signed or initialed by the establishment employee making the entry.

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