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Northwest Premium Meats, LLC

Address: 137 N Happy Valley Rd, Nampa, ID 83687
Establishment No.: m11032

USDA Inspection Report: 01 Dec 2011

Code: 03802
Violation: 417.5(a)(1)

Citation: On 11/30/2011 at approximately 4:00 pm [redacted] was reviewing/observing the establishment process for the Raw Ground. CSI noticed that on the temperature recording log for the ground beef that the temperature had been logged only one time at 8:50am that morning [redacted] asked the employee if any other temperature had been taken and he had stated no. [redacted] then notified [redacted] that only one temperature had been taken at 8:50 am. [redacted] then asked the employee why hadn't any more temperatures been taken, the employee stated that ''They were really busy." At approximately 4:15 [redacted] looked at the thermometer in the processing area that is used to monitor the processing rooms ambient temperature and the thermometer read 54 degrees (F). The last recording of the ambient room temperature was at 11:58 and it read 50 degrees (F) [redacted] then asked for the establishments thermometer to see what the product temperature of the ground beef at packing was. [redacted] took multiple temperatures of the ground beef packages at packing that were unsealed and temperatures that were from different batches that were ground that were packed sealed and out on the processing room floor and the thermometer read for the multiple packages at and between 52 to 56 degrees (F). CSI notified [redacted] and he had the employee place the product into the freezer. CSI review the establishments Process Control for Raw Ground. While reviewing the document [redacted] came and notified her that she had taken two temperatures since 8:50 am but forgot to write them down on the Grinder Mixer Temperature and Sanitation Log. [redacted] did state that she wrote them on her arm and CSI looked at her arm and they were there. The second temperature that was taken of the raw ground beef was at 11:35 am and that temperature read [redacted] degrees (F) the third temperature that was taken at 1:15 of the raw ground beef and that temperature was [redacted] degrees. [redacted] went and reviewed the Grinder Mixer temperature and Sanitation Log again and saw that the two temperatures that were written on the employees arm had been recorded and another temperature had also been added and that temperature was taken at 3:30 for the raw ground and it was recorded as [redacted] degrees (F). CSI then asked the employee about the recording of the temperature at 3:30 and the employee stated that they for got to record that also. The last recorded temperature of the processing rooms ambient temperature was done at 11:58 it was recorded as [redacted] degrees (F). There is no other recorded temperature that was taken after that time or prior to the observance of the room temperature at [redacted] degrees (F) at approximately 4:15 [redacted] . The frequency of the monitoring of the ambient room temperature at that point does not support the parameters of the supporting documentation that states, [redacted] Since there is no recorded temperature after 11:58 there is no way to tell how long the product had been sitting out in the processing area at 50 degrees or at 54 degrees. The establishment also has no support for the product temperature at 52 to 56 degrees (F). The support they use only supports the product if it is at or under [redacted] degrees (F) and only for a [redacted] hr period. Retain Tags #339999, 339940 and 340000 were applied to the raw ground product on 11/30/2011. CCP 3 [redacted] degrees (F). [redacted] was informed of the non-compliance. No similiar NR's have been written within the last 90 days.


417.5(a)(1) The written hazard analysis prescribed in 417.2(a) of this part, including all supporting documentation;

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