Putting Glass Walls on Connecticut Slaughterhouses So We Can See Behind Closed Doors
Bristol Beef

Address: 785 Middle St, Bristol, CT, 06010
Establishment No.: M5998

USDA Inspection Report: 5 Jul 2012

Code: 01D01
Violation: 416.2(b)(3), 314.4, 416.2(a), 416.2(d)

Citation: Today July 5, 2012 at or about 9:00AM while performing a Pre-Op SSOP Review and Observation task after the establishment’s pre-operational inspection and before the start of operations I was accompanied by one plant employee. The establishment’s pre-operational checklist indicated that all of the areas and equipment checked on their inspection form had passed. The following non-compliances were observed: 1.& ; There were eight large 55 gallon barrels containing inedible material, none of these barrels were covered. The strong pungent odor emanating from the barrels is a noncompliance with 9CFR parts 314.4 and 416.2(d). Immediately outside of the shipping area  (exterior of the building) floor there were three small scraps of meat about 1inch x 1 inch in size. These scraps of meat were surrounded by flies too numerous to count. This insanitary condition is a noncompliance with 9CFR 416.2(a). The shipping door was half way open and a screen that was not properly installed allowed for a 1ft by 1ft gap in the end of the door. This potential entrance for pests and vermin is a noncompliance with 9CFR 416.2(b)3. Plant owner Arthur Barillaro was notified of these non compliances. No regulatory control action was taken at this time as immediate corrective actions were taken in my presence to restore sanitary conditions.


416.2(b)(3) Walls, floors, ceilings, doors, win- dows, and other outside openings must be constructed and maintained to pre- vent the entrance of vermin, such as flies, rats, and mice.

314.4 Tanks, fertilizer driers, and other equipment used in the preparation of inedible product must be operated in a manner that will suppress odors inci- dent to such preparation which could adulterate edible product or create in- sanitary conditions.

416.2(a) Grounds and pest control. The grounds about an establishment must be maintained to prevent conditions that could lead to insanitary condi- tions, adulteration of product, or inter- fere with inspection by FSIS program employees. Establishments must have in place a pest management program to prevent the harborage and breeding of pests on the grounds and within estab- lishment facilities. Pest control sub- stances used must be safe and effective under the conditions of use and not be applied or stored in a manner that will result in the adulteration of product or the creation of insanitary conditions.

416.2(d) Ventilation. Ventilation adequate to control odors, vapors, and condensa- tion to the extent necessary to prevent adulteration of product and the cre- ation of insanitary conditions must be provided.

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