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Gold Star Sausage Co.,Inc.

Address: 2800 Walnut St. Denver, CO 80205
Establishment No.: m1106

USDA Inspection Report: 08 Aug 2011

Code: 03G02
Violation: 417.4(a)(2)(ii)

Citation: While doing the record review portion of the Fully Cooked Not Shelf Stable procedure I observed that there was no direct observation for the product produced on Friday August 5, 2011. I asked [redacted] if they have a new form for direct observation? [redacted] said that she was in the middle of making one but had not finished it yet.I asked [redacted] if she could show me the direct observation for the product that they were shipping out today Monday August 8, 2011. [redacted] said that she will look and see if she could find it. When [redacted] returned she informed me that they were training a new person on how to do that procedure and they didn't write it down. At this time I verbally informed [redacted] that she would be receiving a noncompliance report over this. A review of the establishment's noncompliance reports shows no noncompliance reports for the same root cause in the last 90 days. You have the right to appeal this noncompliance report under 9CFR 306.5.


417.4(a)(2)(ii) Direct observations of monitoring activities and corrective actions;

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