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Morrilton Packing Co.

Address: 51 Blue Diamond Drive, Morrilton, AR, 72110
Establishment No.: m10646

USDA Inspection Report: 11 Nov 2011

Code: 04804
Violation: 317.2(f)

Citation: Approximately 0800 hours, Friday, November 11, 2011, General Label-missing ingredient on product label: I performed a directed Fully Cooked-Not Shelf Stable task in regards to FSIS Notice 54-11,dated 9/28/2011, Verification Activities For The Use And Labeling Of Ingredients Of Public Health Concern . I went into the RTE room and observed that the plant was going to be runn ing Arkansas Style Sausage and the labels were near the packaging area. I reviewed the label and found that sodium phosphates was not listed as an ingredient on the label. The sausage contains sodium phosphates.I notified and after he investigated it was determined that the newest batch of labels had omitted sodium phosphates. I used US Retain No.827906022 to retain five boxes of misprinted labels. I then went into the finished product cooler/shipping department noted that the Arkansas Style Sausage was correctly labeled; therefore, no product was retained.


317.2(f)(1) The list of ingredients shall show the common or usual names of the ingredients arranged in the descending order of predominance, except as otherwise provided in this paragraph.


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