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Tyson Foods

Address: 403 South Custer Ave, New Holland, PA 17557
Establishment No.: p01325

USDA Inspection Report: 27 May 2011

Code: 01B02
Violation: 416.13(a), 416.13(c)

Citation: At 0449 hours I conducted a scheduled Preoperational Sanitation inspection of the Chilling Department. At the end of the Intermediate Chiller I observed residual buildup inside the elbow at the exit of the pump system that collects and transfers water runoff from the transfer conveyor between chilling tanks. I then asked for this elbow to be removed and confirmed my initial findings. Next I used a ladder to look down into the long pipe running up the side of the chiller, and I observed that this entire length of pipe had a consistent buildup of fatty residues. I then requested that this pipe be disassembled as well. I was then able to see into the horizontal pipe leading away from the pumping unit, and I observed a fat scrap that was trapped at a joint. At that point I asked that the entire unit be disassembled, and I observed an additional piece of fat approximately 4 inches long trapped by a 1-way valve near the pumping unit. [redacted] QSI Supervisor was present throughout my observations and also witnessed my findings. I asked Mr. [redacted] how this unit was cleaned, and he told me that it was not disassembled and was cleaned by operating the pump and running soap and hot water through it. I applied U.S. Rejected Tag #B36279299 to the control unit of the pump. Later I returned and thoroughly inspected all of the disassembled pieces and found that they had been returned to a sanitary state. This pumping unit was not connected to any CIP or any other piping, had not affected the Intermediate Chiller, and sanitary conditions were restored before product reached this point in the process, therefore no product was affected. I then removed my reject tag at 0515 hours. I later reviewed the establishment's Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures Plan and observed that on page 2 (of 6) of the Preoperational Sanitation section, item #4 states, " [redacted] " I also reviewed the establishment's Preoperational Sanitation Records for the Chilling Department and these deficiencies were not observed during the establishment's inspection.


416.13(a) Each official establishment shall conduct the pre-operational procedures in the Sanitation SOPís before the start of operations.

416.13(c) Each official establishment shall monitor daily the implementation of the procedures in the Sanitation SOPís.


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