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Tyson Foods

Address: 403 South Custer Ave, New Holland, PA 17557
Establishment No.: p01325

USDA Inspection Report: 22 Mar 2011

Code: 04C04
Violation: 381.76(b)

Citation: At 1056 hours I completed a Finished Product Standards test on a randomly selected sample of 10 birds taken from Line # [redacted] at the prechill testing location in the Evisceration Department. The subgroup total for the test was 38 which exceeds the absolute subgroup limit of 30 for this test. The establishment's QA technician immediately conducted a retest, the subgroup total for which was 29 which exceeds tolerance of 25. At this point the process was judged to be not in control, and [redacted] General Production Manager, was notified. The establishment conducted 2 consecutive passing rechecks which both passed with scores below tolerance at 1132 and 1143 hours. Postchill testing using prechill criteria began in the Chilling Department at 1152 hours and was performed every 30 mins until 1326 hours. All tests were below tolerance, therefore no product was held for rework.


381.76(b)(1) There are five systems of postmortem inspection: Streamlined Inspection System (SIS) and the New Line Speed (NELS) Inspection System, both of which shall be used only for broilers and cornish game hens; the New Turkey Inspection (NTI) System, which shall be used only for turkeys; Traditional Inspection; and Ratite Inspection.


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