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Tyson Foods

Address: 403 South Custer Ave, New Holland, PA 17557
Establishment No.: p01325

USDA Inspection Report: 17 Nov 2010

Code: 04C04
Violation: 381.65(b), 381.90

Citation: During night shift slaughter on 11/17/2010, a total of three cadavers were recorded at post-mortem inspection station 2A within a 45 to 90 minute time frame. The first two were found by myself, Dr. [redacted] Supervisory Public Health Veterinarian, while giving USDA scheduled break between 15:15 hours and 15:45 hours. Final disposition of the birds was performed and evisceration department supervisor, [redacted] was verbally notified of this issue. I gave him a thorough explanation to why the birds were condemned as cadavers. Both carcasses had bloody viscera with bloody fluid in the body cavity, vasodilatation (redness of the skin) spanning the back of the neck to the tail, areas of dark discoloration (hemorrhage) of the breast muscles. Both were condemned. At approximately 16:40 hours, another cadaver bird was hung back by on-line [redacted] Food Inspector, [redacted] Final disposition of cadaver was made and [redacted] was notified again at 16:45 hours. He immediately went the RKP department supervisor, [redacted] to have him check the mechanical neck cutter blade and knives of the backup cutters. I explained to him that the bird was condemned as a cadaver because it had excessively bloody viscera, some blood in the body cavity, vasodilatation of the neck, dark red discolorations(hemorrhage) within the breast muscle and the wings were engorged with blood confirming an incomplete bleed out. A noncompliance record would be issued due to the high occurrence of cadavers in such a short period of time. These occurrences constitute a deviation from good commercial practices as required by 9 CFR 381.65(b), which requires that the poultry be slaughtered in a manner that results in thorough bleeding of the carcasses ensuring that breathing has stopped prior to scalding.


381.65(b) Poultry must be slaughtered in accordance with good commercial practices in a manner that will result in thorough bleeding of the carcasses and ensure that breathing has stopped prior to scalding. Blood from the killing operation must be confined to a relatively small area.

381.90 Carcasses of poultry showing evidence of having died from causes other than slaughter shall be condemned.


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